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19 January 2008

mix & match...

I've been pretty lame about posting recently. Though I'd like to give proper attention to the events of the last few months, I know that this happening is unlikely. I also know that you really just want to see lots of pictures (well not too many, I know you are busy people). Below are some photos from major events in my PC life.

The stage and runway inside the Palace of Culture (aka the civic center). Katie and I were there for a play about AIDS. The auditorium was packed with all high school students and about six adults. It was TORTURE! I didn't make it to the end. I had to leave for the sake of my sanity.

The man on the left is Ambassador Withers. He visited Berat to see the city and to speak at the Opening Ceremony of Katie's Teacher Training. I'm not sure what was asked at this coffee the evening before the training but I like the fact that we all raised our hands.

Who's that handsome fella in the back lookin aloof?

My fellow PC volunteer birthday lunch. I made the cake. I've never been too good at icing :(

Katie, Zaku (Katie's host grandfather), and me. Zaku is the awesomest!

Just cool full moon with a halo on a cloudless night

My ET attempt

Marisa & I participating in AIDS Week march. The poster reads: Take your destiny in your hand. The translations a little rough. Sorry.

AIDS Week activities included a candle-lit march and then creating a ribbon from those candles.

Thanks for watching.


At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh i miss Zaku a lot if you see him please say hello from me. so nice are you still visiting my family in Berat please tell Hi to everyone from me James
ciao ciao esti


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