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Disclaimer: This is my blog. No one else's. This is what I think about stuff. If others think the same thing, it's up to them to express it. The sole purpose of my writings is to keep my friends and family informed. My opinions are just that, opinions so don't get to worked up if something offends you. Thanks.

26 September 2007

Better late than never...

Recently I decided to get my lazy self back into shape. Preferably a shape not descriable as squishy, soft, pluffy, or the most vile of words HUSKY. I had to wear Husky jeans as a child and I'm still scarred by that experience. My inspiration for this renewed fitness focus stems from three different people calling me fat. Two were meant more as compliments and one was not. Regardless of how people think I look, I am getting a little more love in my handles.
I'm starting simple. One day running, next day light gym workout, with the weekends off. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up as the cold and wet weather begins.

For now I leave you with a gorgeous picture of me modeling much-needed sweat bands, a gift from Marisa to help stop the sweat from cascading down my shaved dome.

Picture perfect...

I can upload pictures again. Yay. I don't know exactly what the problem was. My best guess is that I was using Internet Explorer 7.0 and it is NOT cool.
For now enjoy my edited picture. It's currently my desktop.

21 September 2007

trouble in paradise...

Ah the fun continues. Just so you know, I'm having problems with my Internet. The providers says it's my modem. I don't believe him. It worked fine Wednesday night.

With our power schedule, trying to get anything done in a day is difficult. I spoke to the person in charge of Internet as soon as possible. He told me to bring in my modem. I was so annoyed. Why is it so impossible for them to come out to my house???

The sad part is that as I was quickly walking back to my house, I realized that really the problem was me. Of coure he's going to want to check the modem. Of course I should have brought it with me when I went the first time. Of course operating with any notion of customer service is a huge mistake on my part. Maybe someday I'll learn.

Oh and if I do get Internet working, I can't seem to load photos on to my blog. Hopefully I can resolve all this soon. Till then, wish me luck.

09 September 2007

Ancient Apollonia

I made a trip out to some nearby ancient ruins. I'd like to tell you something about the place but I didn't have my guide book and there was no information available at the site.