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01 February 2008

Albanians, Jews, and one hot American

Flag on left: City of Berat
Last week I attended the opening ceremony for a conference on Albanians and their role in protecting Jewish refugees during WWII. Yeah. I didn't know they had a big part either. But this is a surprisingly little country. Berat particularly had a lot of families that hosted/protected Jewish families. Albanian hospitality is truly phenomenal. Once they take you in as a guest, they will protect you like a member of their family.

In attendance were the Israeli and American Ambassadors, local government officials, and various community members. I was not expressly invited but I just kinda invite myself to these type of things. Playing the foreigner card is so handy sometimes.

Since it was a fancy event, I decided I should try to look half way decent. My black pants were clean and didn't need ironing. My blue dress shirt matches my black pants. My black tie matches both the pants and the shirt. My recently purchased grown-up's black coat matches all the above articles. Put it together, what do you get?

One smokin hot James!
See for yourself:


At 1:17 PM, Blogger traveller one said...

Nice coat James!

At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Mona said... dapper! Smiling also makes you hot.

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Dutchie said...

very European-looking, James ;-)


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